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Specialist Glass Scratch and Stain Removal Gauteng

At the Glass Surgeon, we offer a one-stop window scratch and glass polish service, restoring, renovating and removing glass stains for commercial or residential customers in Gauteng and throughout South Africa. We return scratched glass to its original condition, restore stained glass, and provide a renovation and protection service for glazed areas in private homes, offices or for vehicle owners.

Whether you have glazing scratched by vandals, glass scratches caused by pets, or stains that are spoiling the appearance of your windows, we offer a quality, reliable service that represents genuine value for money.

Glass repair services we provide

Scratched Glass Stained Glass • Glass Renovation • Glass Protection Glass Polishing for Vehicle or Property

We expertly polish scratches out of glass and provide property, windshield scratch glass repairs, or side window restorations at a time to suit. All of our work is fully guaranteed and prevents you from having to get your glass replaced.




Scratched glass restored to its original condition


Stained glass restored to its original condition


Renovation and protection service for glass surfaces

Glass scratches easily, but don't replace expensive glass when it can be restored.

Some of the most common causes are:

Window cleaning scrapers – particularly on toughened glass

Carelessness or accidents on building sites

Graffiti ‘artists’

Angle grinder splatter (not strictly speaking a scratch but with similar effects – only worse)

Dog paws on sliding doors

Windscreen wiper damage on vehicles

General wear on car windows

Incorrect handling of glass sheets


Staining on glass occurs in quite a variety of situations including:

Hard water (calcium and silicate) stains from sprinklers, etc.

Chlorinated water stains on pools

Salt water stains on boat windows

Calcium or silicate deposits originating from masonry or concrete

“Soap scum” on shower screen

Oxide deposits on the bottom of aluminium framed windows

While the early onset of the above stains may be removed with mild acids or other “stain removers”, once the deposits bind with the silica in the glass, it needs to be removed mechanically.


Whether you are a construction company, a cleaning company, a business or a home owner, The GLASS SURGEON is your right choice to renovate and protect your glass surfaces.

The GLASS SURGEON offers a full renovation and protection service for glass surfaces

The GLASS SURGEON's services are renown for their quality, reliability and value for money,

The GLASS SURGEON guarantees all its work.

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Contact: Jean at 074 347 9658

E-mail: info@glasssurgeon.co.za




For more information or quotations, contact: Jean at 074 347 9658 or e-mail to info@glasssurgeon.co.za


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